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On the Milanrishta Chat list you can see Accepted Members, Shortlists and Matches who are online. Using Milanrishta Chat is completely FREE.
As a Premium Member, you can initiate Chats and highlight your Profile in order to get faster responses.
Yes, you can search for Online Members by using the Who is Online search.
You can appear offline to all Members while continuing to chat with Members you prefer. You can do this by changing your Chat Status from “I am Online” to "Invisible".
You can go offline from Milanrishta Chat by changing your Chat status from "I am Online" to "Offline". Please note that this will decrease your chances of being contacted, as Members will not see you online on their Milanrishta Chat list.
We understand that it may become tedious for you to fill in a long form in one go. However, matrimonial decision are important decisions and hence one should convey detailed information about oneself to Interested Members. The more information you provide about yourself the more likely you are to be contacted by other Members of So please do take the time and effort to complete your Profile.
Register Now with and create your Profile.
You can “Ignore” or “Decline” a particular Member if you do not wish to receive any Chats from them. These Members will also not be able to see you online on Milanrishta Chat.
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