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Our statistics show that adding a photo to your Profile increases the number of times your Profile is viewed, by upto 7 times. You are also likely to receive 10 times as many responses if you add a Profile photo. You can add upto 20 photos to Profile.
Click here to add Photos to your Profile.
Yes, it is absolutely safe to add Photos to your ensures that all photographs are watermarked so as to prevent your photos from being tampered with.
Jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and png are the most popular digital image formats on the accepts only these image formats for Profile photos.
To remove your photo from your Profile, go to your My Photos page and use the delete function on the photo that you want to remove.
A screens all photographs uploaded by Members to ensure that these photos are genuine and do not violate socially accepted norms. It takes us up to 24 hours to screen your photos, during which period your photos will not be visible. We will notify you via email once your photo passes the screening process and becomes visible
Privacy options of 'Password Protection' and 'Photo Visible to Contacted and Accepted Members' are available
Click here to change your Photo Privacy settings.
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