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Posting your Profile is easy and completely FREE of cost. All you need to do is fill in our FREE Registration form.
Click here to edit your Profile. You can also access this page by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ from your My Milanrishta page.
You can change your Display Name and change your Display Name settings from the Privacy Options page inside ‘Settings’.
If you prefer not to display your full name on your Profile, you can choose to display your First Name and initial of last name e.g. Monika M or you can choose to display a custom username.
You can change most of the information in your Profile. However, there are some items (e.g. your date of birth, gender, marital status and religion) that can be changed only in exceptional circumstances. To change these fields please write to Customer Relations providing a valid reason for the change.
Click here to access the ‘My Account's page and edit your email.
Whenever you create a new Profile or you modify certain information in your Profile, the Profile is screened by the Customer Relations team of During the screening process, only your essential information is displayed. Once the screening process is completed (usually within 24 hours) your Profile will be completely visible to everybody.
Under normal circumstances it won't be discoverable in search engines but if you have mentioned your name in your profile-about me section then there are chances of profile being discoverable in search engines via full name.
Yes you can. To hide your Profile, click here and then click on the Hide / Delete Profile link.
No. If you choose to hide your Profile, it will be hidden from all Members.
Activity factor gives an indication of how responsive you are. Maintaining a healthy Activity Factor increases your chances of being contacted by other Members.
Yes, you can. Click here to add your Hobbies & Interests now.
If your specific hobby or Interest is not included, please write to us and we will try to add it to the list.
Yes, you have complete control over your privacy.
You can choose who you display your horoscope to by either choosing to show it to all Members or to only Members you Accept or Express Interest in. Click here to change your horoscope display settings.
Our statistics show that adding a photo to your Profile increases the number of times your Profile is viewed, by upto 7 times. You are also likely to receive 10 times as many responses if you add a Profile photo. You can add upto 10 photos to your Profile.
Click here to add photos to your Profile.
We are thrilled that you found your life partner on We would be more than happy to share this wonderful news with other Members, on your behalf. Your details will be posted in the Success Stories section of Click here to send us your Success Story.
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